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2 ways to improve your divorce outcome

| Oct 18, 2017 | Divorce

When it comes to divorce in Clarksville, the decisions you make now can haunt you forever. You may be ready to sever ties with your spouse now, but you should be mindful about the way you go about it. Instead of looking for the fastest way out of your marriage, you should work on creating the best exit strategy possible. 

Whether or not there are children and pets involved, the one person you should not neglect during this time is yourself. Assess your situation and think about what you hope to achieve with divorce. If you are leaving your partner because you truly believe the relationship is over, make sure your actions and decisions reflect that. Take some time to review the following advice on how to improve your post-divorce situation. 

1. Think beyond the now 

Many people become so caught up in the divorce process that they often lose sight of their lives afterward. You may not agree with every offer that is on the table or the way your separation is proceeding. But if you do not take measures to protect your rights and fight for what you believe is fair, you could end up getting less than you deserve. For example, you may want to keep the house now. But if you have kids and are expecting to receive alimony or child support, you could end up house rich and low on funds once your alimony and child support ends. Consider maintenance and tax obligations beforehand to know if it is better for you to settle for cash or some other asset instead of the house. 

2. Do not be so quick to disagree 

You may not have good feelings about your soon-to-be ex-spouse, which may cause you to disagree with him or her out of spite. No matter what your feelings are, you should keep them out of the equation. You need a clear head so you can do what is best for yourself and your situation. When you feel like going against an offer, consider all possible outcomes first to avoid making bad decisions. 

Divorces are not always easy to deal with. It is a turbulent time filled with tension, stress and difficult emotions that can make it even more challenging to plan for your future. Avoid rushing and do not forget to consider your own needs when contemplating settlement options. 


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