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3 reasons why spouses get divorced

| Dec 21, 2017 | Divorce

Spouses divorce for an infinite number of reasons.However, in most situations, you can fit the reasons for divorce into three categories. Does your divorce fall into one of these categories?

Divorce for moral reasons: Sometimes, spouses feel as if they have not been treated morally by the other spouse. Perhaps one spouse has been acting criminally, has been degrading him or her, or has been abusive to any member of the family. In order to prevent further damage from this kind of conduct, the other spouse may demand a divorce.

Divorce for reasons of betrayal: When a partner has cheated on the other spouse, it often results in divorce because the other spouse feels as if he or she has been betrayed. Feeling betrayed can also happen if your spouse suddenly tells you that he or she is gay, has robbed you or is having mental problems but won’t get treatment. Ultimately, the betrayal results in a breakdown of trust and the wish to be free.

Divorce because you grew apart or just aren’t in love anymore: Couples grow apart and they fall out of love from time to time. Maybe one partner doesn’t live up to the other’s expectations, refuses to do anything but watch TV, has gained weight or changed in some way. Whatever happens, the couples might not see eye-to-eye anymore.

If you’re considering divorce, it’s highly likely that your reasons fit into one of the above three categories. However, no matter why you decide to end your marriage, there are steps you can take to end your marriage cost-effectively, peacefully and respectively.

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