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How can I settle my child custody case out of court?

You don’t have to settle your child custody disagreement. In fact, it’s to your and your children’s advantage to try and reach an out-of-court resolution. Not only will you be able to resolve the matter faster and cheaper, but an out-of-court settlement will put a lot less stress and strain on you and your children.

Not all couples will be able to resolve their situations, but in most cases, even if the disagreement is heated, when couples see the advantages of out-of-court settlement they will find the willpower and diplomacy required to come to an agreement. Here are two out-of-court settlement solutions that may be available to spouses:

Informal negotiations: Informal talks and discussions with your spouse are the best way to come to an out of court agreement if you and your spouse can respectfully overcome your issues with one another. These talks can be facilitated with the aid of an attorney, when both spouses have their respective legal advisors available to offer guidance.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR): Divorce and child custody mediation procedures are great for parents to move forward through negotiation difficulties. Some mediators will offer their advice and guidance with regard to how a Tennessee family law court will decide a particular point of discussion.

Are you ready to bring your child custody disagreement to the point of resolution efficiently and effectively? You may be able to cut through the blockages in the way of reaching an out-of-court agreement when you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse fully understand your legal rights and options regarding child custody.

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