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Should you date during a divorce?

| Mar 6, 2018 | Divorce

Divorce is certainly more prominent in some states in others. Tennessee has one of the highest divorce rates in the country, and in 2013, Trousdale County had a staggering divorce rate of nearly 90 percent.

In addition to all of the legal processes associated with divorce, there are many personal emotions both spouses go through. These emotions can become complicated if one spouse decides to date before the divorce is final. In general, your attorney will advise you not to date anyone until the separation is complete.

Dating can negatively impact certain aspects of the divorce

The last thing you want is to start dating someone after you and your spouse have separated but before you are officially no longer married. Your spouse could use this new relationship as leverage in court to obtain more marital assets. Your spouse may argue this relationship began while you were still living together and that you were unfaithful. A new boyfriend or girlfriend can impact your parenting arrangement, property distribution and settlement strategy. In general, it is best to avoid one-on-one contact with any potential partner.

It can be tough on the kids

Even if you and your spouse still get along well despite the divorce, you still want to think about your children. Divorce is already extremely difficult on children. Bringing a new parental figure into the mix may only add to the confusion and anger. Your kids need attention now more than ever, so it is best to give your full attention to them rather than running out at night to go on dates.

It does not allow you to focus on yourself

Dating during a divorce affects you most of all. It is important to adequately deal with your sadness, anger, frustration and pain during this time. If you jump into another relationship, then you may repeat the mistakes that led to this marriage falling apart.



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