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4 reasons people choose adoption

| Apr 17, 2018 | Divorce

Adoption is an extremely personal choice for you to make. As a prospective parent, you may have a lot of questions about adopting. If you are on the fence about adopting a child, you may be wondering why other people choose this route.

There is no single reason why someone adopts a child because every family is unique. However, here are some common reasons you may want to pursue adoption. 

1. You want to help a child in need

You may be considering adoption because you have a desire to give a child a loving family. According to BuzzFeed, there are 153 million vulnerable children and orphans across the globe. In fact, there are approximately 400,000 kids without permanent families in the U.S. alone. Providing a welcoming family for a child without one is an honorable reason to adopt.

2. You cannot have your own biological child

Infertility can be devastating if you have a strong desire to be a parent. If your attempts to have a child naturally have failed, do not give up. You can achieve your parental goals by adopting a child, either domestically or internationally. 

3. You want a legal relationship with a stepchild

Adoptions do not have to occur through agencies or the foster system. If you are providing for and taking care of a stepchild, you may want to ensure your parental rights and provide more benefits to the child. You can bring your blended family together by adopting your stepchild. 

4. You want to adopt a grandchild

Are you a grandparent who has been raising a grandchild? If so, you may have concerns about your legal rights. You may want to adopt your grandchild to establish full custody. You may do this even if your grandchild is an adult. 

These are just some reasons that people pursue adoption. You should consider why you want to adopt to figure out whether it is right for you.


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