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Have you considered your child’s other relationships?

| Apr 26, 2018 | Child Custody and Visitation

When drafting a child custody plan, most parents think about themselves and their relationship with their children, but not all of them remember to consider grandparents, siblings, family friends, coaches and other people their children have developed important relationships with.

If you and your spouse are going through a divorce and deciding on how to divide your time with your children, make sure to remember that your child has key relationships with other people too.

Does your child have siblings?

Depending on the siblings your child has, and who they belong to, you may want to gear your child custody plan toward enabling your child to spend time with them. This means, if you have your child on a certain day, you may want to ensure that the other siblings are there on that day to help your children continue contact with them.

What about grandparents?

In some situations, grandparents actually have a legal right to demand time with their grandchildren. Regardless of the circumstances, however, children benefit enormously from having a loving grandparent’s influence in their lives. Don’t skip this important area of consideration when planning your parenting schedule. Make sure that your children have time reserved for grandparents, too.

Does your child have other key relationships?

Your child may have a special teacher, music teacher, art teacher or coach in his or her life. As best you can, don’t let your new parenting arrangements interfere with these vital relationships.

With an appropriate amount of consideration and family law knowledge, Tennessee parents can construct an excellent parenting plan that honors all of their child’s vital relationships.


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