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Is this why you and your spouse got a divorce?

| Apr 6, 2018 | Divorce

There are many reasons why couples get a divorce and – in most cases of a failed marriage – the reason for the divorce will not always be clear. However, in certain instances, one of the spouses may be able to precisely point his or her finger at the cause. Here are two common reasons for divorce that a spouse might point to in this regard:


Marriage is an agreement between two people to be faithful to one another. While some spouses might agree to have what’s called an “open marriage” where they allow one another to have affairs with other parents, in most cases, the two agree not to have extramarital affairs. When one spouse cheats on the other spouse in spite of this agreement, the spouse who is cheated on will usually feel hurt, emotionally harmed and lose complete trust in the other spouse. This leads to the irreparable breakdown of the relationship.

Addiction problems

If one of the spouses is suffering from an addiction problem, the other spouse may try to be patient up to a certain point. If the spouse with the substance issue is unable to overcome the problem – and especially if he or she becomes abusive or psychically toxic – the other spouse may eventually decide to call it quits in order to protect him or herself and others in the family.

These are just two common reasons for couples to pull the trigger on their divorce proceedings. If you are dealing with an irreparable marital problem, you might be considering divorce as well. Before you move forward with the divorce process, however, you might want to learn more about your legal rights and options in terms of asset division, child custody and other important issues relating to your divorce.


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