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When you and your spouse don’t have anything in common

| Apr 20, 2018 | Divorce

Many people stay in a toxic or difficult marriage until they die. Others, on the other hand, make the hard choice to unravel their marriage so they can live happier lives, and perhaps look for a better relationship that reflects who they truly are and who they want to be.

Do you feel like you have absolutely nothing in common with your spouse’s family and friends? Do you prefer skipping family functions or staying at home when your spouse goes out to socialize? You might be on the fast-track to divorce.

It could start with you spending one weeknight at home alone when your spouse goes to spend a night with his or her friends – the ones you can’t seem to relate to. If this trend expands into the weekends, it could result in you and your spouse growing apart both emotionally and socially.

If this sounds like something you’ve experienced, it could be as simple as you being an introvert who prefers to spend time at home watching television or reading books, while your spouse is an extrovert who wants to go to a party or social function every other night. In reality, you might not be compatible and there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe it’s time for you both to go your separate ways.

If you’re certain it’s time to divorce, don’t hesitate to learn more about the legal details involved in bringing your marriage to a close. By understanding the nuances of state family law, common child custody arrangements and marital property division agreements, you’ll be well-equipped to dissolve your marriage peacefully, quickly and economically.


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