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Did a pattern of non-stop arguing result in your divorce?

| Jul 12, 2018 | Divorce

Arguing is toxic. If you can’t stop arguing with your spouse, then you are familiar with just how toxic these patterns can be. You get home from work, you notice your spouse left the milk out on the counter again, you ask why, and suddenly a two-hour argument ensues and it only ends when you decide to lock yourself in the bathroom. When these kinds of situations are happening on a daily basis, it’s time to seek help from a marriage counselor or simply bring your marriage to a close through divorce.

Here are two argument patterns spouses need to watch out for:

Name-calling and bullying: Some relationships have a bully-victim dynamic. One spouse will say demeaning, mean things to the other spouse. These statements could be subtle and somewhat under the radar, but they hurt. The cumulative effect of these statements will destroy intimacy and trust and could eventually cause the marriage to end.

Bickering and nagging: Like the bully-victim dynamic, when bickering and nagging is a problem, it’s usually one spouse who is the so-called “nagger.” If you’re the victim of constant nagging, you know exactly which person this is in your relationship. Convincing a nagger to back down and give the victim a break can be difficult, especially if it’s the victim trying to stand up for him or herself. Sometimes, the only way to make it stop is through divorce.

Are you ending your marriage because of constant arguments? It’s vital that you approach your divorce carefully and diplomatically. If you fall into the pattern of constant argument during your divorce proceedings, this could produce costly, time-consuming and unfortunate results. During divorce proceedings, it’s always best to adopt a diplomatic and peace-oriented mindset.


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