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Be careful when listening to unsolicited divorce advice

| Aug 24, 2018 | Divorce

As you’re preparing for your upcoming divorce process, as the word gets out that your marriage is coming to a close, you’ll start to receive unsolicited advice from virtually everyone you encounter. Some of these people will have had their own divorce experience, others will have heard about a friend or family member’s and, still others, will have learned about divorce from watching divorce court on television and reading about celebrity breakups.

Whatever you do, take the unsolicited divorce advice you receive with a grain of salt: These people may not know what they’re talking about and – unless they’re experienced family law attorneys – they are not qualified to lawfully provide you with legal advice.

Benefit from friends and family positively

Rely on a few trusted friends and family members for emotional support during your divorce process, not legal support. These trusted individuals – who you should select with care – will have your back, be your shoulder to cry on and support your positive image of yourself as you tackle the most difficult aspects of separating from your spouse. They will play an invaluable role in helping you “get through the worst of it.”

Rely on your attorney for the heavy lifting

Your attorney is who you should rely on for legal advice and helping you keep your emotions out of the divorce equation. Your attorney will assist you in viewing your divorce as a business process. He or she will also take the stress of the legal process off your shoulders.

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