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Can I have character witnesses for my divorce case?

| Aug 28, 2018 | Divorce

When it comes to divorce in Clarksville, it helps if you take the time to build your case. Though you may feel eager to rush things along, you could lose any advantage or leverage you have and end up with a less-than-desirable outcome for yourself. Divorces are complicated, and even if you and your spouse agree that your relationship is over and that separation is the only solution, you could find it beneficial to have a witness or two to strengthen your case. 

Divorce witnesses are not necessary. If you feel that your partner may try to bad mouth you and make you look bad to prevent you from getting or sharing custody or visitation, you may want to consider the following pieces of information about having character witnesses in divorce:

What is a character witness? 

Anytime you have a legal situation where you feel having a character witness could be advantageous to your cause, be careful about whom you entrust with this responsibility. Ideally, a character witness is a person who knows you or the person whose behalf they are acting on really well. She or he can provide the courts with vital facts and testimony on your character, personality, actions and qualities that are pertinent to your case. Choose someone you trust and know is not capable of being swayed or influenced by your spouse and can attest to your worthiness and character well. 

How risky is it to have a witness? 

Bear in mind that if you are not concerned about your partner misrepresenting you and your qualities, you could probably do without a character witness. When there are kids involved, there is the possibility that things can become a bit hostile between you and your spouse. If you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse are willing to work collaboratively towards a resolution, and your character is not in question, you could still benefit from having a witness to help with establishing custody and parenting time

When choosing a character witness, make sure you follow the rules regarding your case. You may feel it prudent to have a family member as your witness. Keep in mind that your family members may appear biased, which could hurt your case. If you need a character witness, it is best to go with a trusted colleague or friend. Ultimately, your divorce circumstances can provide insight on whether you should have witnesses.


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