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1 common divorce mistake you need to avoid

| Sep 19, 2018 | Divorce

Whether you decided to get a divorce, or your spouse decided to divorce, you probably don’t feel entirely good about the situation. In fact, you may feel hurtful, shameful and angry. If this sounds like your emotional state, there’s a very serious divorce mistake that you’ll want to avoid: being deceptive or overly aggressive at the onset of your divorce process.

It’s the wisest course of action for spouses to hope for the best at the beginning of their divorce process and — at the very least — try to proceed in an amicable, diplomatic and respectful fashion. Even if the marriage did not go as planned, and even if trust between you and your ex has been lost, attempting to divorce respectfully could prove helpful to your stress levels and your pocketbook.

A contentious divorce versus an amicable divorce could mean the difference of many months (or even years) of courtroom wrangling. This could skyrocket bills associated with legal fees, expert witnesses, court costs and more — not to mention the health-damaging levels of stress.

If you’ve jumped into your divorce process on the wrong foot, and now you’re realizing the error of your ways — it might not be too late. Tell your soon-to-be ex that you jumped the gun and apologize for the mistake. Tell him or her that you want to work toward solutions and the divorce amicably — so that you can both save a great amount of time, money and stress.

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