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What can my kids and I do during a supervised visitation?

| Sep 13, 2018 | Spousal and Child Support

Nobody wants to feel restricted by a supervised visitation. Still, if a judge has ordered that all of your contact with your children must be supervised, you might want to focus on the positive fact that at least you can still spend time with your children. This valuable contact will benefit both you and your children in innumerable ways, so why not try to make the most of it?

There are many different, excellent ways you can make the most of supervised visits with your kids. Consider some of the following suggestions for enjoying time with your children.

Playing games: When you’re spending time with your kids, make sure you have some games with you. You might simply bring a deck of playing cards and play a game of Rummy, Crazy Eights or War. Monopoly, Life, checkers, Chinese checkers, Parcheesi, chess and other board games also make for a very fun afternoon with your kids.

Make snacks: Everybody loves food, and the creation of an elaborate snack feast could really appeal to both you and your children. Get creative, look up recipes, buy the ingredients and get ready to make some fun snacks. Best of all, you can make plenty of extra snacks so that your children can bring them home and put them in their school lunches. This is a way for you to stay connected with your child throughout the week.

Of course, there is an infinite number of other things you can do with your children, like learning a song, making crafts, reading a book and so much more. Every minute you spend with your child is a valuable memory, so make sure you always fight for your legal right to visit with your children . Once you secure the right to see your children, then have the most fun you can have during this time.


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