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2 key considerations to shorten the divorce process

| Dec 12, 2018 | Divorce

One big misconception that many people in Clarksville have is they must settle their divorce issues in court. Many problems often arise during the dissolution process that makes it harder for some couples to keep sight of their divorce goals. If you and your partner are seeking a divorce, it is vital for you to try to work out as many issues as possible to avoid a lengthy and challenging split.

It is okay for you to feel overwhelmed and scared, particularly when you have to deal with many contentious concerns, such as child custody, child support, real estate, business and alimony. If you and your spouse are on the same page or ready to put the divorce behind you, consider the following information to save time, money and your sanity.

1. Place best interests over feelings

You should work to keep your feelings to yourself until you can vent them safely, which is to say, after the negotiations are over. Think about what your best interests are and how your goals reflect those. Take note of what is in your children’s best interests, as well. Take actions that enable you to achieve your goals. For example, if you feel it is in your children’s and your best interests for you to keep the house, then you may want to have a list of assets that you do not mind giving up to gain your spouse’s agreement.

2. Do not rush

It may seem counter-intuitive to take things slow in order to speed things up. However, when it comes to divorce, haste can cause you to overlook essential matters, and some divorce concerns require more time to resolve. Pace yourself so you have enough time to consider the pros and cons of any potential settlements before you accept or decline. Do not focus on the immediate advantages. Contemplate the long-term benefits so you have a better idea of what you are gaining and losing in the divorce. In the end, these thoughtful, deliberate actions can result in smoother negotiations and a shorter process.


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