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Take care when choosing your divorce attorney

| Dec 27, 2018 | Divorce

Divorce is a legal process, but it’s also likely going to be one of the most emotional experiences you’ll ever go through. That’s why it’s essential to choose your divorce attorney carefully. You want someone with experience, of course, and who knows the local court system. However, you also want someone whom you can be honest with and who will work to do what’s best for you and, if you’re a parent, for your children.

Take the time to talk to a few attorneys. The money you spend to do this will make it worth your while when you find one who’s on the same page regarding what you want from the divorce and with whom you’re compatible.

Be wary of attorneys who make promises or guarantees. No one can predict the outcome of a divorce or even any one element of it — certainly without being familiar with the other spouse.

Make sure that the attorney has a strategy that you feel comfortable with. If you want to keep the divorce amicable, you don’t need or want a lawyer who talks about “going after” your spouse. You and your attorney should share the same objectives and goals for the divorce.

You don’t want to make an emotional decision when choosing your attorney — or in any aspect of your divorce. However, it’s important to trust your gut. You should feel comfortable talking with an attorney about the most intimate aspects of your life — even ones you may not be proud of or find embarrassing. You also want someone who will take the time to listen and answer your questions.

Once you’ve chosen an attorney, you can get to work on negotiating property division, custody, support and other agreements with your spouse and their attorney that will help you leave the marriage with what you need to move forward.


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