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5 ways to improve your child custody case

| Feb 26, 2019 | Divorce

Like most parents in Tennessee, you want to be a great role model for your kids. If you are in the middle of a messy divorce or child custody battle, though, it can be difficult to mind your manners. Nonetheless, how you behave in your child custody case may have a significant effect on its outcome. 

When you are fighting for custody of your kids, it can seem like life has stacked the deck against you. You should understand, however, that your custody case will not go on forever. Eventually, the matter will be in the past. While no two custody cases are exactly the same, you can rely on the experiences of other parents to improve your situation. 

1. Consider settling out of court 

For a favorable resolution of your custody dispute, you want to eliminate as many unknown factors as possible. When you go to court, you may not be able to predict what a judge may do. Therefore, consider settling the matter outside the courtroom. Participating in mediation, counseling or arbitration may be a good option. 

2. Keep your emotions in check 

You may be unbelievably angry. While that emotion is valid, it can also harm your chances of winning custody. Rather than badmouthing the other parent to your kids, keep your children as far away from the custody drama as you can. Remember, parental fighting often takes a toll on the young ones in your family. By keeping your emotions in check, you provide a stable environment for your children. 

3. Offer additional support to your children 

Pursuing custody can be tremendously stressful. Still, your children may feel even more stress than you do. As such, try to offer additional support to your kids. In addition to providing for their basic needs, you may need to provide your children with access to counselors or therapists.   

4. Keep comprehensive records 

As with any legal matter, keeping comprehensive records is important in any custody case. Consider keeping track of everything you do with and for your kids. At a minimum, document the time and money you spend on your children. 

5. Live your best life 

Irrespective of your custody case, you want to be the best parent possible. You likely cannot do that if you are not taking care of yourself. Therefore, you must focus on being both emotionally and physically healthy. Also, minimize your alcohol consumption. 

Your custody case may consume all of your energy. Fortunately, the anxiety you feel will likely eventually subside. By focusing on your children and behaving yourself, you become a better parent. With a bit of effort, you can also probably increase your chances of reaching an acceptable resolution to the matter.


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