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Why is infidelity the leading cause of divorce?

| Mar 31, 2019 | Divorce

With the divorce rate peaking at almost 60 percent, many people may wonder why. One of the top contributing factors of divorce in the U.S. every year is infidelity.

Extramarital affairs continue to occur, even in the face of newfound technology aimed at nabbing cheaters in the act. Why is infidelity such a common cause of divorce?

The internet gives easy access

Everyone seems to have a smartphone, and with that smartphone comes access to millions of people worldwide. The internet has opened the doors of connectivity, and inside those doors, people find each other, whether they should or not. Take a look at all the dating apps available for your phone. A person who wants to cheat will do so quite easily in this very open platform with endless opportunities.

Secrecy is stimulating

People choose to cheat for all sorts of reasons. Some say it is due to alienation or coldness from their current partner. Others do it because they find an opportunity and take it. Many who do cheat find the secrecy of the affair appealing and exciting. Meeting up in secret, texting and even calling each other on the sly just adds fuel to the flames.

Most do not believe they will get caught

With all the technology and ease of cheating, many offenders do not feel like they will get caught. When they do, however, the results can lead to devastating consequences. Not only may they face embarrassment and disgrace depending on the circumstances surrounding their personal situation, but it may also lead to divorce court. In Tennessee, infidelity is grounds for divorce, and your conduct during and after an affair may come into play during the proceedings.

Divorce is rarely easy, but when hurt feelings and cheating get thrown in, emotions may run even higher. If you want to know what happens during a divorce when infidelity is the cause, check with an attorney.


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