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How to increase odds of successful mediation

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2019 | Divorce

For a majority of couples, divorce will be an arduous process. One doctor recently recommended for a Tennessee couple to divorce to help pay for their child’s medical bills, so that is one instance where a couple still loves each other and gets along perfectly. 

However, for other couples, there will be animosity present. This animosity can greatly delay the divorce process, which is not good for either party. This is why many couples pursue mediation to help resolve issues before going to court. If you think mediation could help your divorce, you can take specific actions to have more productive sessions. 

Create a list of what you care about most

Before going into mediation sessions, you need to determine what assets are most important to you. There is no need to get into a long argument about who gets what vehicle if you ultimately do not care what car you get. When you know what matters most, you can help guide discussions in a positive direction. 

Keep your emotions in check

Divorce is an inherently emotional process. However, you do not want your emotions to get the better of you when you meet with a mediator. You may want to take a certain asset away from your spouse for the sole purpose of hurting him or her. If you get emotional during a mediation session, then you should ask to take five minutes to go outside and collect yourself. This will allow you to contribute properly to the conversation. 

Be honest

Before you go into mediation sessions, you need to prepare yourself. You need to come in with documentation about all the assets and money you have. You should bring in mortgage documents, utility bills, credit card payments and paystubs. You also need to hold your spouse to the same standard. If your spouse drags his or her feet on the issue, then you need to get your attorney involved. 


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