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May 2019 Archives

Tips for conflict-free emails with your co-parent

Many divorced couples determine that they can co-parent most effectively when they avoid in-person and phone conversations with one another. It can become easy to slip into old, destructive patterns of communication. Sometimes, a person's tone of voice can be enough to set their ex off. Texts can also too easily be sent in the heat of anger or leave room for misunderstanding.

Smooth family restructuring is key after divorce

Once your divorce is final, you, your co-parent and your children will still be a family. Your family will, however, have a different structure than in the past. How smoothly you and your former spouse are able to accomplish this restructuring will likely have a significant impact on how well your kids adjust to their "new normal."

Do you suspect your spouse of infidelity?

When you got married, you and your spouse likely shared common hopes and dreams for your relationship and your future life together. Perhaps numerous years have passed since then and you have worked together to make some of those dreams come true, such as having children, maybe starting a business or buying your own home. Marriage can be hard work but also a great blessing.

First summer after divorce? Follow these co-parenting tips

Summer is here, which means the sun is shining and your children are out of school. But while your children may look forward to this time of year, the divorce may throw a wrench into their plans and ideas. The first summer after you and your ex split up can be difficult for the whole family, but it does not need to be a disaster by any means. 

Navigating wedding costs as divorced parents

Recently, we discussed tips for dealing with your co-parent during your child's graduation and surrounding celebrations. Now, we're going to look at another big event that too often causes conflict between divorced parents of young adults -- their child's wedding.

Tips for divorcing a spouse who is a coworker

Ending a marriage is full of many challenges. Many Clarksville couples find it easier to get through the divorce process by establishing separate residences and limiting the time they are around each other. Couples who happen to work together face all sorts of unique challenges that can make their separation harder to manage and create much strife at the workplace. 

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