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Adopting a relative’s child is special but complex

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2019 | Divorce

The idea of adoption can affect many Tennessee residents in different ways. Some people may have known that they always wanted to adopt a child, and others may have realized that it was the most viable option after not being able to have children of their own. You may even fall into a different category in which you realized that you were better suited to raise a child than a relative.

It is not uncommon for people to feel unready to take on the monumental responsibility of raising a child. As a result, some individuals choose to allow a willing family member to adopt the child after birth. While this may seem like the ideal scenario, it is one that can have complications.

The emotions involved

Even if a person knows that she is not ready to raise a child, experiencing pregnancy is an emotional time. The biological mother may even form an emotional bond to the child and possibly have a difficult time separating those emotions when it comes time for the adoption to take place. You may think that keeping the child in the family will help with this situation, but really, a biological mother may have a hard time watching someone else raise her child.

The decisions involved

After a biological parent chooses to allow a family member to adopt the child, that parent no longer has any parental rights to the child. As a result, you, as the adoptive parent, will have the right to make decisions for the child without the biological mother’s input, and you will have the obligation of providing for the child without the financial support of the biological parent.

The legalities involved

Of course, choosing to adopt a child is a major step and one that involves legal proceedings, even when adopting a relative’s child. You and the other parties involved will need to take steps to legally terminate the biological parent’s rights to the child, and you will need to ensure the proper completion of necessary paperwork for the adoption.

Though adoption can change multiple lives for the better, it is a complex process to complete. You will likely find it useful to enlist the help of an attorney experienced in adoption proceedings. Having this help may allow you to feel more comfortable while moving through this intense but special process.


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