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What not to do in a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2020 | Divorce

Divorcing Tennessee couples need to realize that their actions during the divorce can dictate the outcome. If they make common mistakes, they may find themselves in the midst of a legal battle. Here are three things to avoid in order to stay out of court.

Do not be overly adversarial

In the end, divorce settlements are about compromise. If you fail to give at times, you will find yourself in the midst of a trial in short order. It is better to work with the other spouse than to spend time working with your attorney. That is when your divorce case will get hostile and expensive.

Understand equitable distribution

Courts would ultimately divide the marital property based on a number of factors. It may not even result in an even split of the assets. The other spouse’s financial situation may result in their receiving more property. You must understand that the other spouse would be entitled to their share.

Do not stop communication

Compromise can only be reached after communication. If you stop talking, there is not a way to reach an agreement without a court hearing. When relying on lawyers to do all the talking for you, it can get quite expensive. As a result, you must talk to the other spouse about settlement, even if you are still angry about the divorce. Failing to put anger aside increases the risk of a trial.

A family law attorney might help you put things in perspective and maintain an even keel during the divorce. Otherwise, you may find your emotions getting the better of you. When that happens, you run a higher risk of making mistakes that will ultimately harm your position. The lawyer could give you realistic advice that would lead towards a settlement and keep you out of court. That may reduce your expenses and make your life easier.


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