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Parenting during and after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Divorce

As a parent, you want to maintain a stable environment for your children as you go through the divorce process in Tennessee. While divorce is hard for many parents to cope with, it can be very challenging for children as well. Read below to learn more about some tips that can help children adjust to the divorce.

Keep the children’s support system together if you can

This is made especially evident by the changes in the children’s support network, such as a loss of friendships if the divorce requires that one parent move. Part of maintaining a stable environment for your children is keeping their lifestyle similar to what it was before the divorce. Making some changes can be unavoidable, but you still want to give your children plenty of notice beforehand. Before making any big changes, make sure that you’re comfortable with them. That will help put your children at ease.

Allow your children to share their emotions

Some children are naturally more vocal and will let you know what their feelings are about the divorce from the get-go. Other children are more reserved and will keep to themselves. Both of these reactions are normal and okay for children to experience as both you and them go through the divorce process. The important thing is that you allow your kids to share their emotions in a way that they feel comfortable with.

Consider attending a parenting class

Parenting classes are useful beyond just giving birth. A parenting class will teach you certain rules that you should follow to maintain harmony in your household and in your ex’s household. What you might learn in a parenting class is that the way you personally feel about your ex matters less than how you act toward them. When it comes to processing your emotions about your ex, you’ll want to go through your emotions with the help of a certified counselor.

Once you and your ex have finalized all agreements, the divorce is over. Only information relevant to the children needs to be shared with the ex. This means you should not badmouth your kids’ other parent. In addition to respecting their right to privacy, you should respect the other parent’s time. Keep up your end of the schedule and make sure they adhere to their custody schedule that both of you have agreed on.

Keeping your children’s best interests at heart is the best way to handle a divorce. Keeping their environment stable, listening to their emotions and learning from parenting class will help your family adjust. An attorney may help if you need to make adjustments to the custody schedule or handle issues with your children’s other parent.


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