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Can active military couples adopt a child?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Adoption

When you and your spouse are both active members of the military, there are unique challenges you must overcome. Starting a family is one thing that might be particularly difficult during this busy time in your life, but adoption is a wonderful way to go about it.

You might wonder if the adoption process even allows for military families to adopt a child while they are on deployment. By better understanding this process and learning about some available resources, you will have everything you need for planning an adoption in the very near future.

What is the adoption process for military families?

There is nothing stopping a military couple from adopting a child, and the overall adoption process is actually very similar to that which civilian couples follow. There are even adoption resources available specifically for military families to help them settle into a new lifestyle. These include special benefits and referrals to reputable agencies that provide the services you need.

What should you consider when raising a child during active duty?

There are a few important things, both practical and emotional, that you must prepare for when adopting a child. For example, you should plan for the reality that your child will have to deal with the hardship of transferring school systems as you move around for the military. You also have to acknowledge that your duty might mean missing important events in your child’s personal life.

Adoption is a great and ever-available option for military couples looking to grow their family. While it presents its own challenges, know that there are a variety of resources both within the military and without that can help your new family thrive.


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