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Tennessee’s new parental rights law: Potential impact on shared custody arrangements

Earlier this year, Tennessee Governor, Bill Lee, signed a new law aimed at protecting parental rights. While the full implications of this law are still being explored, it has generated discussion, particularly regarding its potential impact on child custody arrangements in the state.

Focus on shared decision-making

The new law emphasizes the importance of both parents being involved in major decision-making processes concerning their child’s upbringing. This includes aspects such as education, healthcare and religious instruction. While Tennessee already had laws promoting shared parenting, this new legislation underscores the concept of joint decision-making, especially in situations where parents don’t live together.

Shared custody and communication

Shared custody, where both parents have significant parenting time with the child, is becoming increasingly common in Tennessee. Effective communication and cooperation are paramount for successful shared custody arrangements. The new law’s emphasis on joint decision-making could potentially:

  • Increase communication: By requiring collaboration on major choices, the law might encourage more communication between parents, leading to smoother co-parenting dynamics.
  • Raise potential conflict: On the other hand, situations where parents disagree on significant issues could become more contentious if the law is interpreted as requiring complete consensus.

Tennessee parents with shared custody concerns, especially in light of the new law, should consult with an experienced family law attorney. An attorney can provide tailored guidance based on your specific situation and help you navigate the legal landscape to ensure the best interests of your child are protected.

Remember, effective communication and prioritizing your child’s well-being are key factors in navigating shared custody arrangements, regardless of legal developments.


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