Thorough Attention For Your Marital And Individual Property

Attorney Girsky has represented men and women with complex divorce issues since 1991. He will take steps to ensure the full disclosure of all assets and debts, including:

  • Stock options
  • Investments
  • Self-employed or family-owned business income, assets and investments
  • 401(k)s, 403(b)s and other employer-provided retirement accounts
  • Pension plans
  • Military pension benefits

The valuation of all of these assets is critical to ensuring that they are divided fairly. Where appropriate, attorney Girsky will hire qualified valuation experts or certified public accountants to properly value unique marital assets. He will also take steps to discover any hidden assets or accounts, working with expert forensic accountants if necessary.

Division Of Complex Marital Debt

Property division also includes the division of complex marital debts such as a home mortgage, car loan debts, shared credit card or consumer debt, and business debts. Even if a judge assigns a debt to your former spouse to take care of, companies may still seek repayment from you if you co-signed on the loan. Clarksville complex assets and debt division attorney Steven Girsky can help you take steps to remove your name from such debts and protect your rights and finances from unfair collections.

Work Toward A Fair Property Division Outcome

Open during weekly business hours, the firm also provides off-site, evening and weekend appointments to clients throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky offers payment plans and accepts credit cards. Contact the firm for a free initial consultation.