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Protecting Couples’ Futures With Prenuptial Agreements

Many people incorrectly assume that having a prenuptial agreement lays the groundwork for mistrust in a marriage. Quite the contrary. A prenuptial agreement can give both parties a clear understanding where they stand financially from the very beginning. By negotiating these issues now, couples can hopefully avoid big money fights that so often lead to divorce.

The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky represents clients throughout Tennessee and Kentucky in a wide variety of family law issues, from divorce to adoption. Attorney Steven Girsky can answer your questions about prenuptial or postnuptial agreements. He will help you obtain resolutions that are tailored to your particular needs and situation.

Why Create A Prenuptial Agreement?

When done correctly, prenuptial or premarital agreements can have a significant impact on how assets will be divided should a marriage end in divorce. They can be especially useful to protect inheritance rights or shield assets from children from previous marriages. Business owners may also benefit from a comprehensive marital agreement.

Poorly drafted prenuptial agreements can be dismissed by the courts, leaving you to fight out issues in court. Clarksville prenuptial agreement attorney Steven Girsky has handled complex family law issues since 1991. He works diligently to ensure the full and complete disclosure of assets by both parties. He will help you negotiate any asset protection concerns you and your fiancé(e) may have and draft an effective agreement that gives you both mutual asset protection.

It is important to realize that getting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement does not mean you are getting divorced or even contemplating it. It is simply a way for you and your spouse to have mutual security and understanding when it comes to your finances.

What Is A Postnuptial Agreement?

A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement, except it is created after the parties are already married. While not common, a postnuptial agreement can protect an individual’s assets from being included in marital property division in a divorce. If you received a large inheritance or your spouse has taken on significant personal debt, it may be beneficial to obtain a postnuptial agreement.

Collaborate With Your Spouse And Get Legal Guidance

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