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What to know about grandparent adoptions

Today, 5% of children live with their grandparents in Tennessee. In many of these situations, the grandparents have temporary or permanent custody of these children. However, there are cases where the children cannot or should not live with their parents, so some...

How do Tennessee parents update a problematic parenting plan?

There are countless reasons why parents may not like their current parenting plan. Perhaps the Tennessee family courts drafted the plan years ago during a litigious separation, and everything in the plan is now outdated. Maybe the parents created the plans themselves...

Do children have a say if their stepparent plans to adopt them?

Stepparent adoption may occur for both practical and emotional reasons. The stepparent might want to adopt their stepchild to give them a sense of security and to solidify their relationship. On the other hand, it may be practical concerns, like military income or...

How can you resolve a divorce?

Getting a divorce is a serious decision to make, but it is not the only one you will need to make. Hundreds of thousands of people file for divorce every year, and they all have to decide how they are going to get divorced. There are several options of how someone can...

When should you make child custody modifications?

It takes a lot of time and effort to settle a divorce. While your divorce agreement may have defined the arraignment you have for child custody, you may still have some questions. One important question that parents need to consider is when they should consider...

6 divorce do’s and don’ts to remember before you file

Divorcing is tough on most people, even when both they and their spouse agree to divorce. Divorces can be challenging because of how many assets you have to separate and because of the arrangements you have to make for your children or others you care for in your...

Is a neutral custody exchange right for you?

Even if the marriage ends on amicable terms, divorcing parents could find significant stress disrupting their futures. Lasting disagreements over property division or the evolving situation of one former spouse finding a new significant other can lead to heated...

How the 10/10 rule applies to pensions in military divorce

Keeping any marriage healthy may be challenging. For military couples, it can be even more so. Like civilian couples, couples with ties to the armed forces can see high rates of divorce. And just like divorcing civilian couples, divorcing military couples have...

What are the benefits of adopting my stepchild?

As a parent in a blended family, you love your stepchildren as much as your biological kids. You give all your children the love, support and discipline they need to grow up as well-adjusted, happy and healthy as they can be. Whether you are your stepchildren's legal...

Understanding your 4 options for a modern Tennessee divorce

In divorce, as in marriage, there is no one solution that works for every single couple. Just as some couples have religious ceremonies to get married while others just go to the justice of the peace, there are also numerous ways for a married couple to end their...