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November 2012 Archives

Military divorce in Tennessee may not be due to infidelity

Residents of Tennessee know that people who are in the military service can be deployed to different places. Deployment may take a long time and family members are left at home to wait until they come back. Long separations may introduce factors that can weaken the family and may result in a military divorce.

Hidden assets may lead to consequences in Tennessee divorce

Tennessee residents, particularly in Clarksville, may be familiar with the complex aspects of divorce proceedings. In the event of divorce, property division may be the most complicated problem that needs to be resolved. During this settlement, marital assets like residential homes, real estate, business assets and other properties may be subjected to division. Each spouse should anticipate that those marital properties and assets will be distributed equally. However, that is not always the case, especially if the other spouse has a different idea about what constitutes a fair share.

Newly divorced parents: How to handle the holiday season

Residents in all 50 states, including Tennessee, may know that when divorce happens to families, parents and children may experience challenging times. Newly divorced parents may have already resolved the issue of child custody, division of property and child support. However, the conflict does not stop there because the parents' separation may have a long-term effect, and both parents must cooperate when it comes to raising their children.

Tennessee father not paying child support to his 25 children

Many Tennessee families know how complicated divorce proceedings can be nowadays. Both spouses must usually resolve the legal issues of child custody, property division and parents' rights and obligations toward their children. On the other hand, child support might present other issues. Because parents are always responsible for their child's welfare, divorced or unmarried parents should do their share of parenting time and financial support for the child. Unfortunately, some parents, like one father in Tennessee, shirk these obligations.

Increasing unpaid child support may affect Tennessee parents

When parents file for divorce, it may be up to the court to decide which parent should have the primary custody of the child. Once a custodial parent is chosen, it becomes the responsibility of the non-custodial parent to support the child financially. Child support will cover all necessary expenses for the child, such as basic needs, school tuition and medical expenses. However, due to factors like a difficult economy, parents may fail to pay child support, and the back payments owed to custodial parents may accumulate.

Property division can include joint debts in Tennessee

Typically, people who are going through a divorce may face a number of challenges related to the process. In addition to child support and custody, property division issues may also come up. A couple with a longer marriage may experience particularly complicated asset division issues.

Factors identified that may affect fathers' rights in Tennessee

In the event of a divorce, there are many cases where the mother becomes the residential parent. This means that the mother and the children will live together under one roof while the father, being the non-residential parent, may be obligated to pay child support or visit the children on a schedule. This plan may seem simple but in reality, conflicts may arise between the parents and may affect the father's rights.

Helping teenagers cope with divorce in Tennessee

Many people in Clarksville, Tennessee, know that divorce is never easy. Parents who are divorcing may have some trouble dealing with legal issues like child custody and property division. Even though a parent tries to do what's best for the children, it's sometimes difficult to know exactly what the best thing is.

Shared parenting is in the best interests of the child

In Tennessee, it is common knowledge that divorced parents may have a hard time sharing the custody of their child. Newly divorced couples may need to take time to adjust to their new situation at the end of their marriage, and in this process the couple's children may face significant turmoil. The children's wellbeing may be affected if child custody is not settled properly.

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