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Tennessee father not paying child support to his 25 children

| Nov 19, 2012 | Child Support

Many Tennessee families know how complicated divorce proceedings can be nowadays. Both spouses must usually resolve the legal issues of child custody, property division and parents’ rights and obligations toward their children. On the other hand, child support might present other issues. Because parents are always responsible for their child’s welfare, divorced or unmarried parents should do their share of parenting time and financial support for the child. Unfortunately, some parents, like one father in Tennessee, shirk these obligations.

In Memphis, a man reportedly has 25 children from different mothers. According to the report, the father was not providing enough financial support for his children. The children’s mothers declared that the father of their children was paying less than $10 per month for child support and allegedly stopped paying his obligations altogether in the past year.

The report also stated that the man’s Facebook profile boasts a photo of him with a large pile of $100 bills, raising more questions about his failure to pay child support. He also attended court hearings wearing worn-out clothes and saying he didn’t have any income, as he continued to accrue a huge amount of unpaid child support.

Child support is a monthly amount paid by a parent who does not have custody of the child. The amount of child support payments may depend on the financial capability and income of the payer. Child support may help the custodial parent to raise the child and provide for basic needs, school tuition, health care and extracurricular expenses. Still, some parents fail to pay child support payments.

In the event of unpaid child support, child support enforcement may aid the custodial parent. The parent who fails to pay may face various consequences, such as the suspension of a license – either business or occupational – confiscation of property, the confiscation of federal tax refunds or even jail time.

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