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Seeking Divorce Modifications As Life Changes

Though a divorce may seem like the final act of a marriage, your needs may change in the future, especially if you share custody of your children. The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky can help you explore your options for obtaining a divorce modification that adjusts your existing requirements to fit your new circumstances. As your advocate, attorney Steven Girsky will answer your questions upfront and help you determine whether your circumstances qualify for modification.

Reasons To Pursue Modification Of A Divorce Order

To obtain a modification of your support obligations or parenting plan, you must show that you have suffered a significant change in circumstances that was not anticipated or in effect at the time your original decree was finalized. Typical scenarios include:

  • Losing your job
  • Relocation to another city, state or country
  • The simple aging of your children, whose needs may be different now that they are older
  • Concerns about changes in your former spouse’s lifestyle or new significant other

Clarksville divorce modification lawyer Steven Girsky has argued modification cases all the way up to the Tennessee Supreme Court. He will review your situation and provide straightforward counsel upfront on your right to pursue or prevent modification.

Enforcing A Spousal Support Or Child Custody Order

Your divorce settlement is a binding legal document. That means that if your former spouse is not paying alimony or child support or not abiding by your parenting plan, you can take legal action to enforce it. Most divorce decrees also require that your spouse pay any attorneys’ fees or court costs associated with an enforcement action if he or she is found in contempt of court.

Do not let your former spouse simply get away with being careless or willfully disobedient. Attorney Steven C. Girsky can help you obtain a judgment to enforce your rights to receive child support, alimony or custody of your children.

Get Started With Modification Or Enforcement

Open during weekly business hours, attorney Girsky also schedules evening, weekend and off-site appointments when necessary. He also accepts credit cards and can arrange payment plans. Contact him today for a free initial consultation.