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Child support may be a contentious issue in divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2013 | Child Support

Clarksville, Tennessee, couples who are thinking about filing for divorce may not be aware of the serious repercussions that may ensue in the form of liability and obligations. Child support is one of the issues that may cause big trouble for couples. Anticipating such disturbing issues, spouses often prefer to create contractual obligations to avoid any future dispute.

Postnuptial agreements are on the rise in America. These agreements are entered into after marriage, and people do so to avoid any future dispute that may occur in the event of divorce. These agreements are legally binding and usually specify potential rights and duties of spouses if their marriage comes to an end. Such agreements are referred to as an insurance plan, as it protects the interest of couples if they divorce.

Spousal support, child custody, child support and property division are the issues that may create big hardships at the time of divorce. Postnuptial agreements try to address these issues without paving the way for a potential family court dispute. These agreements do not indicate that divorce is going to happen; they simply aim to prevent an unanticipated and unwanted legal battle between the separating couple.

For example, if the couple has children, child support may be a contentious issue after dissolution of marriage. One spouse may ask the other to pay child support, which usually includes the daily expenses spent on the child as well as cost of education. Child support is generally paid to the custodial parent or the person exercising legal custody over the child.

The child support obligation may affect the amount paid by the spouse in case of changed financial circumstances. In such a circumstance, the person may have to face a lot of difficulties. Similarly, the custodial parent also has to face financial difficulties if there are unforeseen expenses that come up for the child. In order to tackle these problems, a child support modification can be filed in court. The court may increase or decrease the child support amount considering all aspects of the case.

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