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Tennessee parents can face consequences in child support

| Jan 25, 2013 | Child Support

Unpaid child support can be a big issue to families in all 50 states, including Tennessee. Child support is the monthly payment that can be used for a child’s everyday expenses, health care and other child care costs. Failure to pay child support could greatly affect the child. Aside from this, parents who fail to pay back child support can face various consequences, and it may not be in the best interests of the child.

Courts take cases of unpaid child support seriously. For instance, in a recent case a father was facing charges for not paying child support for his children. This case may also serve as a reminder for Clarksville parents who are obligated to support their children financially.

According to the reports, the 47-year-old man owes more than $300,000 to his children in Rhode Island. The judge who handled the case ordered the father to pay all the back child support for his four children.

The father reportedly abandoned his children 14 years ago. He disappeared without leaving any contact address when his former spouse filed a divorce. Based on his actions, the father was sentenced to six months in jail and he was ordered to pay back child support payments. The payments will be received by the former spouse who is the sole custodial parent and the rest will go to the state for public assistance.

Additionally, once the father completes his jail sentence, the court also ordered the man to serve on supervised release for one year.

A parent who fails to pay child support for their child or children is a big problem. Under these circumstances, the government may take action in the case. Child support enforcement agencies may assist the custodial parent to obtain the payments through a withholding order. There are several different ways to obtain the money, such as confiscation of real estate and personal property. The cases and results may vary depending on the state and people involved.

Source: Providence Journal, “Deadbeat Dad who Owes More than $300,000 for kids in R.I. gets 6 months in prison ,” Tracy Breton, Jan. 9, 2013


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