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Custodial parent not pressing charges against mother

| Mar 12, 2014 | Child Custody and Visitation

People in Montgomery, Tennessee, who are contemplating divorce, would agree that at the time of the divorce, child custody and child support can be complex for both spouses. Child support helps provide a comfortable life for an innocent child who, unfortunately, may also become an integral part of divorce proceedings.

However, with changing times, circumstances in the life of a non-custodial parent may change and he or she may not be able to carry the financial burden of child support. It may happen because of a job loss, relocation to another city or state or maybe the changing requirements of children as they grow older. In such cases, it is always better to seek modification of court orders pertaining to child support than ending up as a delinquent by violating existing court orders.

In a recent case, Veronica Siwik, an adult film actress, was listed among the “most wanted” deadbeat parents in Washington State. Reports from the Department of Child Services of Washington show that the actress has not paid child support of almost $20,000 over the last two-and-a-half years. According to court orders, she owed $622.95 per month for her 14-year-old child, who lives with the father in WashingtonState. However, the father requested that the state not press criminal charges against Siwik.

In addition to Siwik, the “most wanted” list features another 106 child support defaulters, whose outstanding child support runs into millions of dollars. A spokesman from the DCS said that the state collected $690 million in child support payments in 2013. However, that amount is only 65 percent of the entire child support payments owed by non-custodial parents in the state.

Sometimes, circumstances in life demand a change in the child support orders. A non-custodial parent in Tennessee should know that laws in the state permit modification of child support orders. Therefore, if a non-custodial parent ignores court orders instead of seeking a modification, he or she may face criminal charges. At such times, a parent may wish to consult a lawyer and ensure that the child support arrangements are altered instead of violating the existing court order.

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