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Modification and relocation in Tennessee

A divorce arouses a range of emotions; including despair, hopelessness, sadness, anger, and frustration. While the couple going through a divorce may experience these and much more, yet individuals need to keep a cool head as a range of financial matters need to be settled. However, what a Tennessee resident needs to keep in mind is that a divorce decree is not necessarily the final word on a divorce.

After the divorce decree, there may be a significant change in circumstances that can make a modification necessarily, particularly if children are involved. A change in one parent’s income or health, or the relocation of one parent to another state can make custody agreements and child support arrangements unworkable. In such circumstances, in the best interest of the child you may have to opt for a divorce modification. There are also more troubling circumstances that can necessitate a post-divorce modification, such as when one of the ex-spouses begins to live with a new significant other who the other parent does not trust.

In many cases, the circumstances giving rise to a modification come not from the parents, but from the children themselves. As children grow up, their needs change. They may need to go to a different school or may require more support for educational and other expenses. Sadly, there are cases in which a child is ill or injured and needs more support for medical care.

A divorce is a binding document that needs to be respected by both spouses. However, many changes can come about in the lives of ex-spouses and their children, and these changes can be incompatible with the old contract. The legally mandated way for solving this incompatibility is to request a modification. Tennessee attorneys with experience in these matters can help. For more information, visit our divorce modification page.


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