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Modifying child custody or a divorce decree is possible

| Nov 11, 2015 | Modifications and Relocation

For many parents there are so many factors that can contribute or interfere with raising a child. Balancing these factors are key to achieving a happy, healthy child and a healthy child-parent relationship. Many parents today are not together or are divorced. This situation presents its own set of challenges to child-rearing.

Parents who have already established a child custody arrangement, at first the agreement may have worked out great. However, as time goes on and life continues to change sometimes the arrangement can require child support modifications. This could be due to many factors but usually it revolves around a job change or the decision to seek legal custody for those who have not already obtained it. It may also be difficult for some to meet child support obligations such as monetary amounts.

Losing your job is a great example of why a Tennessee parent may need to modify their child support obligations. If your source of income has been taken away from you it would likely be more difficult for a parent to meet this financial obligation. What if your job relocates you? This could change how the child custody arrangement is handled.

Whether you are seeking a change in child support obligation or a child in child custody or visitation arrangements, there is no time like the present. Tennessee families come in many shapes and sizes, many of them being one-parent households. Even if you and the mother or father of your child are not together, you still have rights. Allow the child custody or support arrangement to work in the best way possible by seeking changes if necessary.


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