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When may child support modification be needed?

| Dec 16, 2015 | Modifications and Relocation

There are so many factors that make up raising a child from a baby into a full grown adult. A parent’s careful attention and unconditional love are obviously huge factors, but more goes into it than that. In order to live a fruitful and comfortable life, raising a child takes financial support. This is why parents in Tennessee who are no longer together must contribute, either voluntarily or by court order, to expenses related to rearing a child. Sometimes these court-ordered contributions, also called child support, need modification from their original plan.

There are various circumstances in which a child support modification might be sought. The change could be related to the parent, such as a job change that renders them unable to meet the original child support payment. Or the change could be on the child’s end, for example, if there was a hike in their school fees or a change in their medical care that is more expensive than it was in the past. Whatever the situation, oftentimes child support payments need to be adjusted for these unexpected factors.

Most Montgomery County parents want the best for their child, whether they are the one making or receiving the child support payments. However, sometimes a parent is unable to meet his or her child support obligations. Modification and communication may be the two tools put together to solve this problem.

For parents who need a little extra help, it may help to seek legal advice. Parents just want to be parents; they don’t need to know the specifics of family law. Child support modification can mean the difference between being a great parent and being an all-star parent.

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