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Why apply for child support modification in Montgomery County?

Maybe you are unsatisfied with a parent’s failure to uphold an aspect of their child support arrangement. Maybe you are the parent who has found themselves in a position that makes it difficult to uphold a prior agreement. Whatever the reason, child support modification is an option for unmarried parents sharing custody of a child. At the heart of the issue is a child that needs the love and support of his or her parents in a way that is attainable for that parent.

To qualify for a child support modification in Montgomery County, a parent must show a significant change in circumstances. The request can be made by either the custodial or non-custodial parent. A change of circumstances could include, but is not limited to: an additional child that a parent is financially (or no longer) responsible for, significant change in income, or change in medical condition of the child. As mentioned before, these are common reasons for child support modification, but not exclusive.

The request for change of child support must be for at least a 15% change in the original order amount or at least 7.5% for a low income provider. Current income information for both parties will be reviewed to determine if an adjustment is appropriate based on the Tennessee Child Support Guidelines. There will be forms to fill out and an Affidavit of Income and Expenses will be presented to both parties involved in the child support review.

The review of a child support order is a process that is similar to seeking the child support in the first place. It is handled by the same courts, and the courts have the same goal, which is making decisions that are in the best interests of the child. Just because there is evidence that may support a parent’s claim for more or less child support owed, that does not mean that the court will automatically grant the request. The child in question is still the focus of the court and will be at the heart of the decision the court makes in determining the approval or denial of a child support modification.

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