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4 reasons why you might need a child support modification

| May 26, 2017 | Modifications and Relocation

Life is not constant, and sometimes we hit a serious roadblock when it comes to our income generating potential. If you’re just a single Tennessee resident with no family to support, a big change in your income might be easier to handle. However, if you have to pay child support each month, you could find yourself in serious trouble with the law if you get behind.

In circumstances where your income changes drastically, you can usually petition the court for a modification to your child support obligations. Here are some of the life circumstances that might allow you to gain approval of your child support modification request:

— If you lost your job: Losing your job, if you’re like most people, probably means that your monthly income will be reduced to zero. This means that you’re going to have serious problems trying to meet your child support obligations. Even if you get a new job quickly, it might pay you a great deal less. In these circumstances, you can probably get approval for your child support modification.

— Your children have changed: Your children’s needs will change over the years as they grow older. Perhaps they require more financial assistance and your ex applies for an increase in your child support obligations. Or, perhaps a child has overcome a serious illness and now his or her financial needs have decreased.

— Your spouse’s lifestyle has changed: Let’s say your spouse suddenly got a new job and is making a great deal more money. You may not need to pay as much money as you’re currently paying in child support.

If you think you could qualify for a child support modification, be sure to act now, before things get out of hand and you start missing payments. A Tennessee family law attorney can assist you in appropriately drafting your child support modification in family court.


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