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Can I modify my child support payments?

| Dec 15, 2017 | Modifications and Relocation

If a Tennessee family law court ordered you to pay child support each month, you will need to pay this money exactly in accordance with your court orders. Failure to pay your child support obligations on time could result in serious repercussions — like wage garnishment and even jail time — but what if you lose your job or get sick and can’t make your payments anymore?

Under certain circumstances, you might be able to file an application to modify your child support. If successful, the modification could be temporary or permanent, depending on the nature of your change in circumstances. Here are a few of the most common reasons for a judge to grant a child support modification request:

  • A loss of job resulting in temporary unemployment could warrant a judge to award you a temporary reduction in child support obligations.
  • Needing to relocate to another state, country or city might result in a change in your financial circumstances, which — in some situations — would be sufficient for a judge to grant a modification in child support.
  • As your children age, their financial needs could change, and they might require more or less child support.
  • If your ex-spouse’s financial circumstances change significantly enough, this could warrant a change in child support.
  • A serious medical condition resulting in your inability to work might be sufficient grounds for a child support modification.

Tennessee courts will evaluate your application to modify your child support based on your unique factual circumstances. By strategically organizing the facts surrounding your request, you could significantly improve your chances of getting the modification that your situation requires.


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