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June 2019 Archives

Adopting a relative's child is special but complex

The idea of adoption can affect many Tennessee residents in different ways. Some people may have known that they always wanted to adopt a child, and others may have realized that it was the most viable option after not being able to have children of their own. You may even fall into a different category in which you realized that you were better suited to raise a child than a relative.

Telling your kids about your impending divorce

One of the things that many couples dread the most when they've decided to divorce is breaking the news to their kids. Whether the kids have sensed that this move is coming, or it's a complete shock to them, that conversation with their parents will probably end up being one of the most memorable events of their childhood -- perhaps of their entire life. That's a lot of pressure on parents, so you need to strategize how you're going to approach this conversation.

Why should unmarried couples get a 'cohabitation agreement?'

Many couples of all ages decide to live together -- either instead of getting married or perhaps as an interim step before determining whether marriage is right for them. If you and your significant other have decided to share a home, you are likely going to be buying things together, sharing household expenses and interweaving your financial lives much as married people do. You may even decide to buy a home together or jointly adopt a pet.

Parental alienation after divorce is not okay

You and your ex don't have to get along all the time. In fact, it is logical to assume that you don't, since you decided you no longer wanted to be married to each other. However, like most Tennessee parents, you want what's best for your children, especially as you all move on in life, after divorce. You went into divorce understanding that you would always have to interact with your former spouse in relation to your children's lives.

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