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January 2011 Archives

Military students struggle with separation from parents, divorce

It is no secret that divorce can be a very difficult and frustrating process for families to go through. But divorce can be especially challenging for military families. There are many complications to consider in a military divorce, including military benefits and deployment issues.

Man flees country, owes thousands of dollars in child support

We've discussed many of the challenges that couples face if they choose to get divorced. There is the process of distributing property which can be time-consuming and frustrating. Couples who have children together also need to come to an agreement that lays out the terms of both child support and child custody.

NBA Player and Ex-Wife Come to End of Bitter Custody Dispute

For some couples, divorce proceedings move smoothly and end with both somewhat satisfied with the outcomes. For others, divorce proceedings are only the beginning of a stressful and emotional time in life. NBA player Dwayne Wade had recently officially divorced from his wife in the summer of 2010 after three years of divorce proceedings.

Multi-Million Dollar Lottery Win Tainted by Unofficial Divorce

In a previous post we discussed ways that a couple can make property division during divorce proceedings go more smoothly. That can include making sure the monetary worth of all items is accurate and using tax returns to determine the worth of individual and joint investments.

Significant Life Changes Can Lead to Change in Child Support

In some cases, divorces end amicably. But in other instances, the divorce process is difficult and long with more issues appearing even after the couple has legally separated. Couples who are no longer married but have children together often find that the issue of child support can continue to surface even after a divorce.

Dividing Assets in a Divorce Doesn't Need to be Stressful

For couples who are thinking of getting a divorce, there are a lot of things that they have to consider. Two of the biggest challenges that a couple will face is determining a child custody plan and dividing marital property.

Program Allows Fathers to Establish Paternity More Quickly

Setting up child custody and visitation plans can sometimes take a long time. In addition, couples who are dealing with establishing parenting plans are also likely trying to sort through a divorce or separation as well.

National Decrease in Child Support Payments Presumed for 2010

In previous posts, the importance of a child custody and visitation plan has been discussed. A divorce is difficult not only on the couple that is choosing to separate, but also hard on any children the couple may have. In some custody arrangements, one parent has primary custody and is responsible for the everyday needs of the child.

Mother Accused of International Abduction in Custody Dispute

Going through a divorce can be difficult for everyone involved. Often times a couple that is going through a divorce has to consider property division, child custody, and parenting time, not to mention all while dealing with the emotional piece. But what happens if a divorce occurs in another country and one parent brings the child to the United States without informing the other parent?

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