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June 2014 Archives

Men seek laws that protect fathers' rights in family issues

Every year, the third Sunday of June, is celebrated as Father's Day through much of the world. Surely, many fathers in Tennessee spent a wonderful Sunday with their children enjoying that special feeling associated with parenthood. Sadly, however, a number of fathers in Clarksville, Tennessee and throughout the country were unable to spend the special day with their children because of a number of reasons, the most prominent among them divorce or separation from their child's mother.

Foster parents from Tennessee seek legal custody of child

A number of parents in Tennessee have opened their doors, and their hearts, to children whose parents are unable to look after them, and as a result were placed in the custody of the Tennessee Department of Children's Services. Such foster parents understand how a strong emotional bond is created when a child stays with their family for a number of years. They also understand how it feels if that child is taken away from the family and placed in someone else's custody.

Unmarried fathers and their rights in Tennessee

Tennessee residents might notice that courts have generally favored mothers in family law matters. Now, however, the laws have evolved and an increasing number of contested family law issues are being settled in favor of the father. This is encouraging news for activists, who have been long-advocating for fathers' rights.

Relocation with children after divorce

According to family law in Tennessee, a divorced parent who wishes to relocate to another city, state or country along with his or her child must convince the court that there have been significant changes in life's circumstances, which, in turn, has prompted the decision to relocate. Based on an analysis of the parent's petition, the court may permit him or her to obtain a modification in their existing parenting plan. However, relocation is often a difficult experience for many children and it is a parent's responsibility to ensure that the transition is smooth for the child.

Reality star fights for child custody against estranged husband

Whether in Tennessee or elsewhere or between celebrities or commoners, one of the major issues that surfaces after a divorce is the dispute over the custody of the child born out of the marriage. Sadly, during the child custody battle, many parents tend to forget that their focus should remain on the best interests of the child. All too often focus is instead on gaining one-upmanship over the other parent, which, in turn can have an adverse emotional effect on the child.

Men continue fight for fathers' rights in family courts

Many people in Clarksville, Tennessee, may have noticed the immense media frenzy surrounding the child custody disputes involving celebrity fathers such as actor, Jason Patric and Olympic skier, Bode Miller. Another case that prompted media attention involved a group of fathers suing a state for passing a law that allows mothers to put up their children for adoption without the fathers' consent. By means of their fight for fathers' rights, these people have now become role models to a huge population of fathers in a similar situation.

Preparing for child-custody mediation with a parting spouse

In many divorces, the most heated arguments between parting spouses concern who will have the children. This is as true in Tennessee as it is in any other state. Sadly, a long-lasting and stormy child custody dispute often leaves children with permanent emotional scars.

A combined $612K in unpaid support leads to man's arrest

Undoubtedly, many Tennessee residents either pay or receive financial support from former spouses or partners that is intended to help raise children after divorce. Custodial parents in particular understand the importance of receiving support payments on time. Many noncustodial parents might realize it too, but for some reason fail to meet their responsibilities. Monthly payments may be relatively small, but when unpaid they can make for serious financial problems for a custodial parent.

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