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December 2014 Archives

Rights of abandoned military spouses in Tennessee

Abandonment is the deliberate act of forsaking a partner without notification or the intention of returning. According to U. S. military law which is valid for Tennessee residents, too, if a service member abandons a partner, that partner has certain rights and is entitled to spousal support because the abandoned partner will still be considered a military spouse.

Changing a child custody arrangement in Tennessee

Like any child who is unfortunately part of a custody situation in the United States, Tennessee children are affected most by contentious custody battles. As parents fight it out in court, children often worry about who will take custody and provide for them. To help children experience the least uncertainty about their future, many courts prefer to give legal custody to both parents.

Are Tennessee's child-support enforcement efforts adequate?

Whenever one parent is left to raise a child alone and the other parent is capable of providing support to cover the costs of health care, education and day-to-day living, a court will generally order the noncustodial parent to make monthly payments. When child support is not paid on time, the custodial parent and child often experience financial problems. For this reason, every state, including Tennessee, has legal measures available to address enforcement problems.

Modifying a residential parenting schedule in Tennessee

Under Tennessee law, a parent can seek two types of modifications to parenting plans: a change in the residential parenting schedule and a change in child custody. A change of custody is usually difficult to obtain. But if a parent can establish that there has been such a material change in parental circumstances, then he or she may be able to convince a court to at least modify the parenting schedule.

How the Tennessee Investment Services Trust Act works

Tennessee residents who divorce often wonder how they can protect their assets. Although both premarital and postmarital agreements are good options, others are also available. One of those, the Tennessee Community Property Trust, was discussed on this blog a few weeks ago. Another instrument that can help spouses protect assets during divorce is an Investment Services Trust. ISTs are governed by the Tennessee Investment Services Trust Act.

Developing a comprehensive parenting plan in Tennessee

Divorce is never easy, especially when there are children involved. Two people may choose to part ways because of irreconcilable differences and lead a better life, but a divorce can have long-term detrimental effects on the children of the divorcing couple if proper care is not taken to protect their best interest. That is where a comprehensive parenting plan comes into the picture. An earlier blog post discussed how Tennessee courts define a parenting plan and the objective of that plan. In a nutshell, an adequate parenting plan must protect a child's best interests under all foreseeable circumstances.

Basketball star's paternity lawsuit reaches favorable resolution

In modern times, many men in Tennessee and the rest of the country are asserting their fathers' rights in an effort to preserve their relationship with children. Fathers are not only trying to spend as much time as possible with their children through court-approved visitation plans but are also taking efforts toward obtaining permanent custody of their children.

Federal laws related to child support enforcement

Both Tennessee state laws and federal laws consider child support delinquency to be a serious offense. Although most child support matters are governed by Tennessee laws, there are certain exceptional cases that fall under the purview of federal child support enforcement laws. Title IV Part-D of the Social Security Act requires agencies operating under it to aid state agencies, custodial parents and others in enforcing a child support order.

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