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September 2015 Archives

Complex Montgomery county asset division need not be a concern

Whether married, single or in the process of a divorce, many people do not have a correct valuation of their assets. Assets can come in a variety of forms whether it be property, artwork, money markets or saving and checking accounts to name a few. Because the value of these assets can appreciate or depreciate depending on an asset's specific market, there can be significant fluctuation in an asset's value over time. For those going through a divorce in Montgomery County, it is important to have a complete understanding of asset valuation and how it affects marital property.

Judgment from Tennessee Supreme Court denies alimony

When it comes to divorce and asset division, Tennessee courts use equitable standards as their guidelines. Assuming no prenuptial agreement, the courts attempt to divide the divorcing Montgomery county couple's assets as fairly as possible, though that does not always mean equal division. Recently, the Tennessee Supreme Court issued a judgment, which it believes achieved asset division equity and fairness for both parties. The judgment overturned an appeals court ruling that ordered the ex-husband to pay his ex-wife roughly $1,250 per month, for life, in alimony payments.

Why is it important to challenge a TN paternity result?

If a DNA test is ordered and administered properly, there is usually a very small margin of error on the results. However, there have been instances in the past of improperly handled or administered DNA tests. This should be of some interest to a parent who is looking to challenge a paternity result, especially for the sake of child custody. A faulty DNA test result could result in a court finding of legal paternity, or not, in the state of Tennessee.

Complex Tennessee asset division can mean equitable division

Married couples share everything, and that includes financial expenses and income. When two people decide to split up, this usually means their finances too. How property is divided between divorcing couples is a common question for divorcing parties to have. In Tennessee, state law governs family law matters such as divorce and asset division.

Child custody basics for Montgomery County parents

Parents in the Montgomery County area know how much their children mean to them. Most parents would do anything to see their children happy. But what happens when the marriage that parents are in is crumbling and is leading to stress and unhappiness in both the parent's and the child's life? Divorce is usually an option on the horizon for a parent in an unproductive marriage. There are some things divorcing parents should be a aware of when it comes to how child custody is handled in the Tennessee courts.

UT's successful program supports divorcing families

For some parents, it is a real struggle to find stable employment either during or after a divorce. Oftentimes, a parent's lack of a permanent job becomes a hurdle to paying child support, but also to obtaining child custody of their children. For this reason, the University of Tennessee has decided to reach out and try to break down this hurdle that stands between healthy parent-child relationships. Their aim is to reunite Tennessee families who have been separated by divorce.

How is military divorce different from civilian divorce?

Divorce is rarely an easy and stress-free event. However, preparing for your impeding divorce in the right way can help to ease the stress caused by this big change in your and your family's life. Active and inactive military members need to look at divorce differently from civilians. This is because military divorce for Clarksville residents is governed by federal and state laws.

When your business is a part of divorce property division-Part II

In an earlier post, this blog explained that prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are two ways in which business assets can be protected. Both of these agreements outline the various aspects of asset division in the event that a marriage falls apart in Tennessee or anywhere else in the country.

When your business is a part of divorce property division-Part I

It is important for business owners to protect their assets from bad marriages. That applies to marriages in all states of the country, including in Tennessee. There are certain considerations that a business owner needs to keep in mind in case the marriage falls apart. In fact, it is sensible for the business owner to take steps to be protected even before the wedding. The first step to take is to draft a prenuptial agreement that outlines the details of property division in the event that the marriage takes a downward turn.

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