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After an accident, you will need to deal with the insurance company if you hope to receive a payment for any property damage, injuries and medical bills. The problem is that not all insurance companies look out for your best interests. That's why attorney Steven C. Girsky is available to help you after an accident — he makes sure that the insurance companies are listening to your concerns.

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The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky will help you bring a claim against your insurance company to recover after an accident injury. Lawyer Steven C. Girsky seeks quick resolution of your case but understands that some claims require time to achieve the maximum settlement for your injuries.

Former Insurance Lawyer on Your Side

Attorney Girsky worked as an insurance defense attorney before starting his private practice. From his nearly 20 years experience, he knows insurance law from both sides and understands how to prepare a successful claim.

He is fully equipped to challenge insurance company arguments against recovery and understands the information that the insurance company needs to give you a full recovery. Attorney Girsky uses his experience to add value to your case by:

  • Knowing what information is required to process your claim
  • Understanding what makes a case valuable
  • Identifying facts that could improve the strength of your claim
  • Recognizing how to maximize a lawsuit settlement

Attorney Steven Girsky offers personalized legal guidance after your accident. In handling discussions and negotiations with your insurance company, he keeps you informed. The law firm provides individual attention that larger, regional firms cannot offer.

Our law firm will quickly bring your claim to the resolution most valuable to you. For our firm, it's not about the money, but rather about getting you the compensation that you need to allow you to focus on your recovery, rather than just your medical bills. It is common that a claim may resolved during a lawsuit settlement, but if we can't quickly resolve issues, and need to go to trial, attorney Girsky will be a tough litigator who is on your side.

Maximize Your Settlement

Lawyer Girsky has handled claims against most insurance companies, including State Farm, Allstate, GEICO, Progressive, USAA, Tennessee Farmers and Farmers Mutual Insurance. Using the Law Firm of Steven C. Girsky ensures that your case is handled with care to help you achieve your goals after an accident.

Our law firm strives to maximize your recovery for injuries, lost wages, property damage and medical bills. To maximize your settlement, you may need consultations with local experts to resolve issues related to your accident. These experts can include accident reconstructionists, doctors or physicians, and vocational experts. The experts all act to quantify your losses after an accident and help to maximize your compensation.


Open during weekly business hours, the Clarksville Law Office of Steven C. Girsky also offers off-site, evening, and weekend appointments to clients in Tennessee and Kentucky. Payment plans are available and credit cards are accepted for all cases. Contact them