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Advocating For Your Portion Of Business Assets

In many marriages, one spouse naturally assumes control over the financing and budgeting for the household. This can be especially true for individuals who are self-employed or run a family-owned business. The danger, however, is that should the couple divorce, the other spouse may not be fully aware of the true financial situation of the family or the business.

The Law Office of Steven C. Girsky represents business owners or their spouses throughout Tennessee and Kentucky who are facing complex division problems in divorce. Attorney Steven C. Girsky has more than 25 years of experience handling these issues. He will work with you and qualified experts to ensure the full disclosure and equitable division of complex or significant assets, including your business.

To What Value Of The Business Is Each Spouse Entitled?

The valuation of business assets or the business itself can quickly become complex and technical in a divorce setting. Issues can arise when one spouse mixes personal assets with business assets, either to hide them from the other person or to perhaps inflate the price of the business. He or she may also have opened accounts or made investments without the knowledge of the other party, perhaps using business income or shared marital funds to do so.

It takes an experienced Clarksville divorce lawyer for business owners to separate out what assets should be considered a part of the divorce settlement and which are strictly business assets. Attorney Steven Girsky will work with certified public accountants, forensic accountants and business valuation professionals when necessary to ensure that all family and business assets are accounted for and properly valued. He will then seek equitable division of family-owned and business property while protecting your rights and personal interests.

Meet With A Divorce Lawyer Who Understands Your Professional Needs

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