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February 2013 Archives

Baby boomers face midlife crisis: divorce and property division

According to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research, boomers (people aged 50 and above) divorced at a rate of 10 percent in 1990. Today, the figure has risen to 25 percent. Divorcing boomers in Montgomery, Tennessee, should be aware that their decision to divorce may affect their financial well-being. Property division in divorce often involves retirement accounts, which is one of the most important assets of individuals on the brink of their golden years.

Lifetime spousal support for military divorce spouses may end

Service members from Montgomery, Tennessee, put their lives on the line whenever they leave their families behind to serve the country. Spouses, on the other hand, single-handedly juggle all the household chores and raise the children whenever their military partners are deployed outside the state or country.

New app provides on-the-spot paternity test

Fathers in Montgomery, Tennessee, may face child custody disputes in divorce cases. Unmarried fathers may also be involved in fighting to gain custody of their children by establishing their paternity. Results from these tests could determine whether a father is the biological parent.

Black Keys band member may face child custody dispute in divorce

The Grammy's is one of the most awaited events in the music industry. Montgomery, Tennessee, residents may have watched this prestigious event as their favorite stars performed onstage and received awards for different categories. Surprisingly, many of the artists may be making an impact because of their divorce cases. Some stars might face child custody cases during the process.

Electronics could be a strong child support ally

All states in America are facing similar problems when it comes to child support collections - it is difficult and tedious. Tennessee is one such state that is troubled with delinquent child support payments. To combat delinquency, more convenient and user-friendly tools are being implemented, such as the Tennessee Electronic Access Card, which has received moderate support. But to the east, a similar tool is gaining strength proving that electronics is a strong child support tool.

Montgomery, Tennessee, couples may try the Healthy Divorce App

During the process of marital dissolution, Tennesseans may consider all options in order for them to be financially stable once the divorce is finalized. One way of doing this is through property division. Equitable division is one of the terms associated with asset division. Both spouses are required to list their assets during the process to ensure that they are fairly divided.

Cooperation is critical to successful co-parenting after divorce

Anyone in the Montgomery area who has been through or seen divorce firsthand knows that it can be extremely hard on children. They usually do not understand what led to the marital breakup, and sometimes blame themselves or feel they have to take sides.

Appraisals can help property division to go smoothly

Families in Clarksville place a great deal of value on residential homes. In a divorce, residential homes and other real estate can be subject to property division. In addition, business assets, retirement accounts and other marital property may also be divided, depending on the guidelines followed by Tennessee.

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