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January 2016 Archives

Seeking child support in Tennessee? Look no further

The love and support of a parent are some of the most influential aspects of a child's life. Depending on the amount of physical, emotional and financial support a child receives from their parent, it can set the stage for the rest of their life. Much of that support comes in the form of financial support in order to provide necessities a child needs to grow and thrive. For this reason, many unmarried Tennessee parents decide to seek child support from a non-custodial parent.

Military benefits can affect TN child support proceedings

There is much that military members sacrifice in order to protect their country's rights and freedom. Because of this exceptional sacrifice, military veterans are awarded benefits that are not typically afforded to the average Tennessee civilian. These benefits are varied and extensive; these benefits can have an impact on divorce proceedings. As a result, Tennessee military members or their spouses contemplating a divorce should take time to understand how these military benefits could affect their situation.

Non-divorced fathers seeking child custody have questions

There are so many children out there who need the guidance and support of their mother and father. If a father of child wants to be a bigger part of that child's life; this is a great thing. However, the legal process that may accompany achieving rights of child custody and visitation may seem daunting to some fathers. Depending on that specific parent's current custody or visitation situation, a parent may be seeking different things.

Financial advice for Powerball winners applicable to TN divorce

So you didn't win last week's mega-Powerball jackpot? Well for a select few ticket holders, they had possession of the golden ticket. This includes a winner in the state of Tennessee. With such a large sum of money to be acquiesced by the jackpot winners there has been much talk of what one would do with it. There are some tips that are recommended for lottery winners that, coincidentally enough, are applicable to asset division in a Tennessee divorce.

Navigating the process of property division

For many, going through a divorce is a stressful time filled with many questions. While the emotional side of a divorce can be extremely difficult to cope with, there are much more tangible sources of stress that may be confusion to those dealing with them. If, throughout the course of the marriage, a couple has amassed a considerably sized estate, there may be questions as to how those assets are divided. This can be a complicated situation. Thankfully, those going through such times don't have to be alone.

What factors determine child support payments in Tennessee?

As a newly single parent you may be wondering what lies ahead as far as child support and child custody arrangements. The answer is that it depends. Assuming that both parents are involved in the child's life, one parent will be court ordered to pay child support while the other spouse will receive primary custody. How much child support is owed will vary depending on a variety of factors. To learn more about the key factors, keep reading.

Job change can render parent seeking child support modification

Whether your divorce was recently finalized or you have been living separately from your child's parent for many years, sometimes a child support arrangement needs modification. This is sometimes true for the non-custodial parent who is not living with the children the majority of the time. Sometimes the workforce does not treat a worker in the best way and due to a loss of job or a worker being forced to take a pay decrease the child support payment cannot be made as easily as in the past. When the child support payment is no longer do-able, there are options..

How parents seek work after change in post-divorce finances

If you are thinking of getting or have already completed a divorce, there is often an adjustment period related to cost of living as a couple to that as a single person. When kids are involved, this can seem to stretch the finances even further. Many stay-at-home parents decide to go back to work-post split mostly due to the cost of living expenses. Here are some tips for recently divorced parents who are jumping back into the job market.

Parent abductions and child custody, what to do next?

Child custody is an issue that hits near and dear to the heart as nothing is more special than a bond between parent and child. When parents have issues of child custody, that often happen during a divorce, sometimes a parent can act irrationally. For example, parent abductions have been known to occur during times of a Tennessee child custody dispute. If this has happened to you or a loved one, there are a few things to know.

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