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July 2016 Archives

Amber Heard says Johnny Depp is slowing divorce process

As most readers of this blog are already aware, celebrities Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are in the midst of a highly contentious divorce. In her divorce filing, Heard accused Depp of domestic abuse -- and the accusations went public across media outlets like wildfire. Meanwhile, Depp has denied the allegations.

Are stay-at-home parents who divorce in Tennessee entitled to alimony?

While undoubtedly one of the most rewarding roles one can fulfill in life, being a parent is also extremely challenging. For parents; bouts of sleep deprivation, toddler temper tantrums and homework battles are all par for the course. Add in the stressors that come with juggling work and parenting responsibilities and the high costs of child care and it's no wonder that more and more working parents are choosing to drop out of the workforce and stay home.

Child support and alimony in Florida

Spousal support and child support laws exist for a very good reason — they are there to prevent the horrible situation of a spouse being trapped in an unhealthy marriage as a result of financial concerns. If one spouse is the primary breadwinner, then the other spouse could lose control in the relationship and be forced to endure an unhealthy relationship simply because he or she cannot afford to live independently without the financial support of the other spouse.

Information for divorcing Tennessee parents with minor-aged children

If you are a parent who is facing divorce, you are likely to have many questions and concerns about issues related to child custody. In Tennessee, family law judges aim to make custody decisions based upon what they believe to be in a child's best interests. Increasingly, judges recognize the important role that both mothers and fathers play in providing for a child's emotional and financial needs and many, therefore, favor some form of joint or shared custody.

We support Clarksville fathers asserting their parental rights

There is an idea that continues to persist regarding child custody that sounds something like this: Children belong with the mother and mothers should receive full custody of their children. This is an archaic idea from another time. These days, Tennessee courts are largely interested in providing dual custody to both parents so that children spend equal time with both the mother and the father.

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