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January 2013 Archives

Fathers' involvement significant for Tennessee children

Fathers in Tennessee, as in any other place, are typically concerned about the well-being of their children. Due to this, some cases regarding paternity, DNA testing or fathers' rights stress the significant involvement of the father in his child's life. Though some families in Clarksville may anticipate that the mother can provide more than enough care for the child compared to the father, various studies show how fatherhood impacts children in important and positive ways.

Tennessee parents can face consequences in child support

Unpaid child support can be a big issue to families in all 50 states, including Tennessee. Child support is the monthly payment that can be used for a child's everyday expenses, health care and other child care costs. Failure to pay child support could greatly affect the child. Aside from this, parents who fail to pay back child support can face various consequences, and it may not be in the best interests of the child.

Sander's child custody case affects his three children

Through the morning newspapers in Tennessee, social media and television, Clarksville residents are updated about recent celebrity divorces. Most of the time, famous personalities who file for divorce fight in court for the money and properties obtained during the marriage; however, if the couple has children, the divorce may result in a complicated child custody battle.

Child support may be a contentious issue in divorce

Clarksville, Tennessee, couples who are thinking about filing for divorce may not be aware of the serious repercussions that may ensue in the form of liability and obligations. Child support is one of the issues that may cause big trouble for couples. Anticipating such disturbing issues, spouses often prefer to create contractual obligations to avoid any future dispute.

Exercising a father's rights in Tennessee divorce

People may assume that in a typical divorce, it is the mother who generally wins primary custody over any children the couple has, while the father is granted visitation rights and is held responsible for paying child support. However, a majority of recent divorce proceedings in all 50 states, including Tennessee, find that fathers' rights to remain involved in a child's upbringing are just as important as the rights of the mothers.

Financial infidelity can affect Tennessee's property division

In a household, the hiding of purchases or expenses between spouses occurs more often than Tennessee residents may have anticipated. When couples decide to divorce, these hidden assets and debts can become a big issue in property division. A 2012 survey conducted by and reports that about 50 percent of married people admit they kept money without the knowledge of their partners.

Teamwork can be good for co-parents in Tennessee

Tennessee residents who keep up with celebrity divorces may be aware that the divorce between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise seems to have ended smoothly. Custody of their daughter was given to the mom while the father has parenting and visitation rights. Nevertheless, followers of the story may be interested to hear how their daughter spent the holiday season after the divorce.

Impact of a military divorce on military personnel

Military personnel often face deployment to other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. They may also be assigned to drills and training to improve their skills in combat. Being in the military can be very fulfilling but it can also affect soldiers' relationships with spouses and children. Military families in Clarksville may face complex issues when considering divorce.

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